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Dynamic personalized learning

Welcome to New Code Academy. All elementary, middle school and high school students anywhere in Minnesota can join this online K-12 school. Certified by the Minnesota Department of Education, New Code Academy offers a robust, personalized curriculum with a computer science focus. The creative and problem-solving skills students develop working with technology transfer to all academic areas.

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Connecting Academics, Technology and Community

Nurturing Curious Minds

The curriculum is unique to New Code Academy. It is a high quality, standards-aligned online learning experience created and taught by licensed Bloomington Public School teachers who spend a year designing their individual courses, collaborating with other teachers, taking coursework in online design and receiving one-on-one support in developing and teaching their online curriculum. Courses are standards-aligned and hold students to the same level of rigor and assessment as equivalent face-to-face classes.


(Grades K-5)

You might be wondering what a typical school day looks like. New Code Academy balances individual instruction time between students and teachers with group work, independent work and hands-on practice and creation. Students have access to all the academic supports and services that exist in a face-to-face classroom. Social skills develop in classroom communities where students engage with each other and their teachers. 

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Middle School

(Grades 6-8)

Our middle school is structured around core courses in math, language arts, social studies and sciences. Music, physical education, computer science, and health are exploratory subjects that change throughout the year. And community? Establishing connections among students and teachers is a key focus. Middle school students are a part of an online learning community that nurtures collaboration and shared learning. 

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High School

(Grades 9-12)

New Code Academy is an online high school built on highly successful online coursework taught in Bloomington high schools since 2017. A consistent schedule includes both online live sessions and independent work. It is a dynamic, interactive, flexible learning opportunity designed to meet the diverse needs of all students. 

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How to Enroll

All Minnesota students are welcome to apply to New Code Academy. Contact us to learn what makes New Code Academy different from other online schools.  Ask about transferring mid-year into our online school.

We are still enrolling for the 2022-2023 school year.

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"What we found is the teachers do an amazing job at breaking up the day so it’s not just a student interacting 100% with a screen all the time.”
Kindergarten Parent
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News and Insights from New Code Academy

Follow our blog for the latest from New Code Academy, and find out how we’re helping students launch their futures through personalized learning and creative problem-solving skills.

Partnering With The University of Minnesota

The Learning + Technologies (L+T) Collaborative at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, leading a unique partnership in K-12 online learning. L+T collaborative supports our licensed teachers at New Code Academy.