Academic Planning for High School Students

Take control of your future at New Code Academy by planning your path to graduation

The high school journey is filled with chances to explore careers and create a bright future after high school. Each step along the way — whether course selection, college applications, test-prep or scholarship forms — serves to open doors to new and exciting opportunities.

When you think about the future, think big. The word “college” may bring to mind a traditional four-year university, but we believe in a much broader definition:

College is any post-secondary option for students, including university, community college, technical college, apprenticeship and certification.

New Code Academy students are surrounded by a team of teachers, counselors and support staff who understand how to make the most of the high school journey to graduation — and how to prepare for the next step, whatever it may be. 

Starting in middle school and throughout high school each student develops and maintains a Personal Growth Plan (PGP) to help build strong academic habits, set relevant and achievable goals and begin envisioning their future college and career plans. 

Graduation Requirements

New Code Academy graduates will be well-rounded thinkers and doers who are curious, creative, engaged and energized by solving problems in the world around them. To achieve this, our students 

To earn a high school diploma, New Code Academy students must complete the same requirements as all other Minnesota high school students.

Course Credits

New Code Academy students complete a course of study to gain the knowledge and skills needed for lifelong success in learning, career and life. This also satisfies the required Minnesota academic standards.

Every New Code Academy student must complete at least the minimum course credit requirements, outlined below, including a requirement of 65 total trimester credits.

  • 12 credits of language arts
  • 9 credits of mathematics, including algebra, geometry, statistics and probability sufficient to satisfy the standards. An algebra II credit or its equivalent must be one of the three credits.
  • 9 credits of science, including a biology credit and a chemistry, physics, or Career and Technical Education credit that meets underlying the chemistry or physics requirement.
  • 11 credits of social studies, including U.S. history, geography, government and citizenship, world history and economics.
  • 2 credits in the arts
  • 1 credit in STEM
  • 2 credits in PE
  • 1 credit in Health

Explore the New Code Academy course catalog to see what options await for credit completion and graduation.

Thinking about college? From the time you begin high school — until the time you graduate — this resource for Minnesota high school students will guide you along the right track for success!