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Online Kindergarten Computer Science Immersion with Family Learning Flexibility

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Kindergarten is such an exciting step in your child’s school journey and we're excited to be part of your family! New Code Academy is a fully online K-12 school. We offer curriculum aligned with Bloomington and Minnesota state standards taught by Bloomington Public School teachers. With a computer science focus, learning is designed to meet and exceed your high expectations.

A kindergarten mind is curious, and the potential for imagination and innovation knows no limits. We make learning fun! New Code Academy builds on the multi-year success of Bloomington Public Schools online classes, in cooperation with the University of Minnesota Learning + Technology Collaborative

We are dedicated to challenginginspiring, and supporting all learners to achieve their hopes and dreams and thrive in a rapidly changing world.

We believe strong school-family partnerships are vital to our students’ success.

We look forward to getting to know all of you!

Fall 2024 Enrollment

You can request to schedule a 1:1, personalized family information session by completing our Inquiry Form. Inquiry Form
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Strong Teachers

Our Kindergarten teachers recognize the importance of play, hands on learning, and real world connections. Our goal is to help students grow into independent learners.

Cooperative learning and play are purposeful and encourage positive peer connections that inspire curiosity and creativity.

Students collaborate in breakout rooms for student choice free play, as well as peer to peer interactions.

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New Code Academy provides the unique opportunity for students to flex the variables of time, place, path, and pace. 

New Code Academy teachers balance on-screen time with off-screen time. They are intentional about ensuring the majority of screen time is active - students are creating, communicating, or collaborating. A Kindergarten student works to build this online stamina throughout the year.

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Computer Science

For our students, this means learning foundational concepts like problem solving, patterns, logic, and perseverance. Our kids are growing up digital and we want them to be creators of technology that solve important problems in our world. 

New Code Academy students receive one hour of computer science instruction weekly to grow computational thinking skills and interest.

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Early Childhood Screening

The state of Minnesota requires all children to be screened before entering kindergarten. If your child has participated in a Bloomington Public Schools preschool or early childhood program we should have their screening on record. If your child was screened in another district, please let us know. 

Register by March 1

New Code Academy accepts enrollment throughout the school year provided there is space available in the grade level. To ensure your child will have a spot for fall enrollment, please complete the enrollment process by March 1. Enrollments received after March 1 may go on a waitlist if no space is available. 


Send copies of immunization records:

  • State law requires: 5 DPT, 4 Polio, 2 MMR, 3 Hepatitis B and 2 Varicella shots or the date of chickenpox disease. 
  • Free immunizations are available for families with no insurance or state insurance at Pond Health Commons: 952-681-6277
  • Minnesota's Immunization Law Exemption Provision

New Code Academy understands the importance of starting school as a Kindergartener and works closely with our students and families to build a strong classroom and school community. NCA provides many opportunities for this, such as:


The Wonderful Wednesday schedule allows students to continue learning at their own pace, make choices in their learning, catch up on assignments if needed, and extend their learning in different ways. Teachers use time on Wednesdays to collaborate, develop fully online content, and organize hands-on materials for material pick up days

9:00-11:00  Synchronous morning meeting with class and teacher instructional time

11:00-11:45  Asynchronous assignments: students complete tasks provided by the classroom teacher

11:45-12:45  Asynchronous Lunch

12:45-3:20 Synchronous & Asynchronous learning options

  • Online virtual clubs
  • Face to face options at Washburn Elementary
  • Choice menus provided by classroom teachers


  • Spirit Weeks
  • I Love to Read Month
  • School Rallies
  • Megabyte Spirit Wear Fridays
  • Monthly Virtual Family Nights


We have a weekly student run news show where Kindergarteners develop and record content starting with a weather forecast and eventually recording an end of school year episode. 

Kindergarten NewsBytes Episode

Elementary school at New Code Academy is built around two types of learning in the schedule each day: synchronous, which takes place in real time with interaction between the teacher and students, and asynchronous, which happens without real-time interaction.

Synchronous time for our elementary students takes place on Google Meet and includes:

  • Community building
  • Whole-group focused instruction
  • Discussion
  • Show and tell
  • Small-group guided instruction and collaborative learning
  • Relationship building
  • News and updates
  • Games and fun

Asynchronous time uses learning channels, such as Seesaw. It’s balanced between digital and non-digital learning activities, and might include:

  • Work time to complete assignments
  • Independent practice time
  • Recorded teacher video instruction
  • Feedback
  • Collaboration and sharing
  • Reflection time
  • Creation and idea development

Students are expected to participate in all synchronous learning times during the day and put forth an effort to complete daily asynchronous tasks at other times planned in the schedule. Parents/guardians are encouraged to contact the student’s teacher if a child is struggling to complete asynchronous tasks each day.

A typical Kindergarten schedule looks like this:


  • Morning Meeting
  • Whole Group Learning
  • Reading Stations
  • Play Break
  • Read Aloud
  • Writing


  • Lunch and Play Break
  • Specialists (physical education, art, music)
  • Quiet Time
  • Calendar/Math 
  • Closing Meeting


Our families are an important part of building our school routine and student online identity. 

Families should designate a learning coach for their student(s). A learning coach is a trusted adult that is available throughout the day to assist as needed. More help will be needed at the start of the year as we work with students to build routines and structures.

Families will work with a Digital Learning Specialist to learn how to navigate the system and contact with questions. 

Primary roles of the learning coach include:

  • Engage in communication with the teacher and school
  • Help your student establish and maintain a daily routine.
  • For example: Getting dressed, brushing teeth, and having breakfast can signal it’s time for learning.
  • Encourage your student to take screen free breaks and play outside
  • Help your student stay organized both in their physical and digital environment.
  • For example: Help your student get out their supplies for the day/week.
  • Help motivate your student in their new learning environment.
  • Check in with your student about their school work.

About New Code Kindergarten

Virtual learning is an engaging and exciting way to learn, with the added flexibility that meets the needs and desires of many families. New Code Academy is a full-time, online elementary school certified by the Minnesota Department of Education, and any student in Minnesota can join our growing community. Ready to launch?