Guidance, Academic Planning & More

School counselors provide guidance with academic planning and post-graduation goals and support for social and emotional well-being. Counselors act as advocates, collaborating with students, parents, and teachers to ensure success and keep students on track to reach their personal goals.

New Code Academy counseling services include:

  • Academic support
  • Emotional support
  • Relationship support
  • Crisis/trauma support
  • Career/college support

Mental Health Counseling

Reaching out to a school counselor often is a first step in seeking help when you don't know where else to turn. If you're not sure who to call and would like to talk with someone confidentially, please contact your school counselor.

  • Crisis intervention
  • Chemical health information and referral
  • Support service coordination
  • Mediation
  • Support groups
  • Staff consultation and support
  • Mindfulness class


Your school counselor is available by phone or email. To schedule an appointment please contact the counseling office:

Ronda Engelhardt
New Code Academy counseling 

Mary Reilly
Jefferson counseling

Sue Vacanti
Kennedy counseling