New Code Academy Elementary Student Resources

Learning Links 

Learning doesn’t have to stop when classtime does. We invite families to use these resources to encourage students to expand their minds through interactive, online activities. 

Media Center 

Reading allows students to experience endless adventures. Explore our media resources for new ways to let your student fall in love with reading. 

School Supplies 

Technology Tools 

The primary program that our elementary students use is Seesaw. This online program allows students to have a place to expand their learning and interact with their teachers. This classroom hub is where assignments and classroom communication is based. New Code Academy families can also expect school-wide communication to be sent home through Seesaw. 

Learn how to log into Seesaw through your Chromebook (Grades K-5). 

Trouble with technology? 

If you’re having issues with Google or Seesaw contact Ray Cannon at

For issues with your device, contact Libby Keiser from Washburn Elementary at 

All New Code Academy families can always contact Tech Help at or 952-681-6750. 

Additional Resources for Online Learning 

If you’re looking for some extra ways to expand your student’s mind outside of the classroom, visit one of the following resources. 

  • WeVideo: Spark your creativity by developing your multimedia skills. Create with a variety of video editing tools and explore the world. 
  • CodeSpark: Develop your coding skills while playing and having fun! 
  • Scratch: Let your mind soar by creating interactive stories, games and animations to share with an online community. 
  • Lightbot: Take puzzles to a new level by solving them with programming. 
  • Craft your computer science skills in a way that impacts the world.