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For our high school students in grade 9-12, the future gets closer by the year. We’re here to help you successfully launch with the skills and mindset that serve as a foundation for a lifetime of learning and creative expression. It’s an approach centered on your needs, one that connects academics, technology and community.

Computer science is a big part of our high school program, which includes Advance Placement (AP) coursework. If you choose to take those electives, you’ll soon see that computer science means more than computers. It’s a thought process, a proven way of problem-solving that converts complex tasks into a manageable step-by-step sequence that builds toward success. You can apply it to any academic subject or interest area, and we encourage you to explore your options in one of Minnesota’s most innovative programs.

From the entire high school team, welcome. We invite you to get to know our online high school. For specific questions, don’t hesitate to email us. Please note as well that any student in Minnesota is eligible to open enroll at New Code Academy from anywhere in the state.

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New Code Academy builds on the multi-year success of Bloomington Public Schools online classes, in cooperation with the University of Minnesota Learning + Technology Collaborative. We value creativity, problem-solving, independence and risk- taking in an interdisciplinary curriculum that is personalized to the needs of your students. Questions? Let’s talk!

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Learning online lets some students express themselves better. Other students want to go faster. For all students, we’re providing structure and support, but we’re not hand holding. We’re teaching kids how to advocate for themselves, which is an important skill to learn.
High School Language Arts Teacher, Bloomington Public Schools
Launch Your Future Here

New Code Academy High School

New Code Academy provides a welcoming and supportive diverse online high school learning community with top academic standards. At New Code Academy, we’re connecting academics, technology and community to prepare your high school student for lasting success as a life-long learner.

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