Middle School Frequently Asked Questions

New Pathways in 6-8 Online Learning

Questions? We want you to be informed! Check this list of frequently asked questions, and please email us at newcodeacademy@isd271.org or call 952-444-1234 if you need more information. 


New Code Academy teachers are MN licensed, Bloomington Public Schools teachers. New Code Academy offers a high quality, standards-aligned online learning experience created and taught by licensed Bloomington Public Schools teachers. They spend a year designing their individual courses, collaborating with other teachers, taking coursework in online design and receiving one-on-one support in developing and teaching online curriculum. The New Code Academy staff also includes counselors, social workers, support staff and administrators. 

All children of residents of the state of Minnesota are eligible to apply to New Code Academy and would attend tuition free. Students can live anywhere in the state.  Students who reside outside Minnesota will be charged an annual tuition rate as established by the Bloomington Public Schools School Board.

Families who live outside the Bloomington school district should complete the open enrollment process and select “New Code Academy”. If you live in Bloomington and would like to transfer schools, please refer to the intra-district transfer page.

Yes. Middle and high school students can participate in activities with their boundary school (determined by address) or the school they attended in the 2020-2021 school year. New Code Academy middle schoolers who live in Bloomington are eligible to participate in Oak Grove Middle School activities.

Online class sizes mirror class sizes in face-to-face courses which is about 30 students per class in middle school.

New Code Academy teachers balance on screen time with off screen time, including intentional brain breaks and movement breaks throughout the day.  They are also intentional about ensuring the majority of screen time is active - students are creating, communicating, or collaborating - rather than simply passively receiving information. On a typical day, a student would spend 2 to 4 hours connecting with their teacher and classmates online.