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Our full-time online middle school provides a flexible, personalized learning environment with a computer science focus for students in grades 6-8. Computer science education expands on the broader concept of using logic to solve problems, breaking things down into smaller parts and recognizing patterns that offer new insights. This is a school that connects academics, technology and community. 

From the entire middle school school team, welcome. We invite you to get to know us. For specific questions, don’t hesitate to email us or call 952-444-1234. And please note that any student in Minnesota is eligible to open enroll at New Code Academy from anywhere in the state. 

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Designed with the unique needs and abilities of today's adolescents in mind, New Code Academy Middle School helps nurture and grow a love for learning that prepares our students to succeed in high school and beyond. We’re redefining what middle school means in Minnesota, and we’re raising the bar for personalized, dynamic learning. Click here to hear us talk through our middle school experience.  We’d love to tell you more.

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Follow our blog for the latest from New Code Academy, and find out how we’re helping students launch their futures through personalized learning and creative problem-solving skills.

Partnering With The University of Minnesota

The Learning + Technologies (L+T) Collaborative at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, leading a unique partnership in K-12 online learning. L+T collaborative supports our licensed teachers at New Code Academy.
Our online school lets me be creative as a teacher. We’re meeting all the standards, but I’m not lecturing. The kids have taken control of their learning and are doing so at their level, sharing their voice with the world.
Middle School Fine Arts Teacher
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Middle school students abound in energy and are starting to recognize and appreciate their unique interests and talents. We’re opening new pathways in full-time online learning for our middle school students with a focus on computer science, and any student in Minnesota can join our growing community. Launch. Learn. Look to the future.

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