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The Wonderful Wednesday schedule allows students to continue learning at their own pace, make choices in their learning, catch up on assignments if needed, and extend their learning in different ways. Teachers use time on Wednesdays to collaborate, develop fully online content, and organize hands-on materials for material pick up days

9:00-11:00  Synchronous morning meeting with class and teacher instructional time

11:00-11:45  Asynchronous assignments: students complete tasks provided by the classroom teacher

11:45-12:45  Asynchronous Lunch

12:45-3:20 Synchronous & Asynchronous learning options

  • Online virtual clubs
  • Face to face options at Washburn Elementary
  • Choice menus provided by classroom teachers


New Code Academy Elementary uses Seesaw as the main learning program for students and the main communication tool for families. School-wide communication will come to families through Seesaw. 

Click here for instructions on how to log in to Seesaw on a Chromebook.

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Call:  952-444-1401

Email or Google Chat:

Main: 952-444-1200

Address: 8401 Xerxes Ave S., Bloomington, MN 55431

Principal: Andrew Wilkins | |. 952-681-5550

Assistant Principal: Rebecca Brower | | 952-444-1250

Elementary Coordinator: Holly Skadsem | | 952-681-6488

Secretary: Susan Smith | | 952-681-5500


If your student will be absent from school, please call the NCA attendance line at 952-681-5502 or email

Please notify the school before 8:30 a.m. EACH day your student will be late/absent. Your cooperation helps ensure the safety and learning of each student. If we do not hear from you and your student is not in the synchronous sessions, the school will contact you to confirm the absence.


At New Code Academy, we care about the whole wellbeing of your student, and that includes their mental health. Here are some resources to help your student be successful in school and at home: 

Family Partnership

This organization uses a two-generation approach and evidence based practices to help children and families reach their full potential. 

Learn more

Headway Richfield

This organization offers therapy options for people of all ages to find purpose and healing from serious mental illness or the natural ups and downs of life. 

Learn more

Washburn Center for Children

As the state’s leading children’s mental health center, this organization believe’s a child’s mental health is as important as their physical health. 

Learn more

Anxiety Treatment Resources

A team of qualified professionals works with families to provide treatment for a variety of mental health issues including anxiety, OCD, PTSD and more.

Learn more


Special Education services are provided to approximately 1,700 children ages birth through 21 within the community of Bloomington. Special Education is specially designed instruction and related services that enable a student with an identified disability to access and benefit from their educational program. We provide unique programming options for students who qualify for one or more of the thirteen areas of special education eligibility established by the State of Minnesota. 

At all grade levels of New Code Academy, we have designated Multi-Categorical Special Education Teachers who provide small group services as well as one to one support.  Services are determined through a team meeting prior to or upon enrollment.

All students will be enrolled in and expected to attend grade level classes, have their cameras on during instruction, and respond to all staff in class/breakout rooms verbally or through chat options. A student's IEP may address individual needs regarding engagement in the accommodations identified by the team.

 The Special Education Teachers collaborate with the General Education Teachers to ensure provision of accommodation and determine where any modifications may need to take place.  They also provide case management for all students who receive special education services. An Early Childhood Special Education representative is available for consult for early learners.

Related Services (Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Developmental/Adapted Physical Education, Speech, Social Work, Visual Impairment, Deaf/Hard of Hearing and Nursing) provision will also be reviewed prior to or upon enrollment to determine updated service minutes in accordance with the online schedule.

More resources: 


Special Education Services 
1350 West 106th Street
Bloomington, MN 55431 
Fax: 952-681-6519

  • Ruth Murray, Instructional Strategies & Digital Learning Manage for Special Education

Our English Language (EL) Program helps prepare EL students to meet grade-level standards or higher. Our goal is to meet the linguistic, language academic and cultural needs of the students. We advocate for the use of students' home language and development of early literacy skills at home and in the classroom because those literacy skills will transfer to English. 

More than 93 languages, other than English, are spoken by students and families in our district. The English Learners (EL) program serves nearly 1,300 students per year.

EL Instruction at New Code Academy

The Bloomington EL curriculum uses language standards that are aligned to the Minnesota State Standards. EL teachers in Bloomington teach students the academic language, vocabulary and background information that are necessary for students to acquire English and learn grade-level content. 

The Bloomington EL Program collaborative model:

  • EL and classroom teacher coordinate instruction 
  • Both the language and content needs of the English Learner are being met
  • Students receive explicit instruction in language acquisition 
  • Language supports are embedded throughout the curriculum

Who is eligible?

All students new to the district fill out a Home Language Survey upon enrollment. 

  • Students who have a language other than English on their Minnesota Home Language Survey will be tested for the EL Program using the WIDA Model test for Kindergarten and the WIDA Screener for grades K-12. ACCESS Scores from the previous year will be used to identify students moving from other districts in Minnesota. Pre-kindergarten students will be screened using the Pre-LAS assessment.
  • Parents will be notified via mail if a student is eligible for EL Services
  • Parents or guardians may remove their child from the EL Program at any time by signing a waiver available through the EL teacher. However, students will still be required to take the state EL assessment.
  • EL Teachers may consider additional criteria for EL identification such as teacher observations and judgement, parent recommendations and other developmentally appropriate assessment instruments.

How do students exit the EL program? 

In order for a student to exit the EL Program, EL students must meet the following guidelines:

  • ACCESS Composite Score of 4.5; and
  • a score of 3.5 in three of the four domains: speaking, listening, reading and writing.


Beth Stenglein, EL Supervisor