New Code Academy Middle School Online Safety

Social Media Guidelines

Security, safety and privacy are important for all New Code Academy families to practice. One component of Google’s Be Internet Awesome Family Guide is Be Internet strong. Together your family can complete an activity to discuss the importance of strong passwords and online security protocols. Complete this activity that provides sample scenarios to talk about as a family, learn how to create strong passwords and understand why digital security matters and how to make it happen. 

Our online community is joined together on our social media sites (Instagram, Facebook) to share news, photos, and videos about our school, students, staff, and upcoming events and to engage with our stakeholders in an open and respectful dialogue. 

New Code Academy social media invites staff, families, students, and the community to join together by liking, commenting, and sharing NCA news and photos on any of our pages. We ask that users abide by the following guidelines: 

  • Comments and posts must be appropriate for an education environment and for community members of all ages.
  • Personal attacks or comments that are deemed offensive to any member of the school district or community will not be tolerated. Inappropriate remarks and profanity will be removed, and the poster may be blocked from our sites. 
  • These platforms are not intended to circumvent regular communication channels for sharing personal issues and concerns. While the school makes every effort to respond to direct questions in a timely manner, comments regarding a personal issue may be removed. If you have a personal issue or concern and wish to share it with staff, please email and we will do our best to address it. 
  • Stay on topic. Keep comments and posts related to the news and stories shared by New Code Academy. 
  • Posts regarding product sales or promotions of any sort are not allowed and will be removed. 

Social Media Guidelines: Staff Use of Personal Social Media

These guidelines are for the personal use of social media while employed by Bloomington Public Schools. If you are an employee contributing to blogs or social media both inside and outside of work, these guidelines pertain to you. We expect all staff members who participate in social media to understand and follow these guidelines.

Staff Use of Personal Social Media