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June 18, 2024

Supporting Home-Educating Families Across Minnesota

If you're looking for top-notch curriculum, supplies, and support, look no further than New Code Academy. Our free K-12 online school provides an exceptional home learning experience tailored just for your child.

Accredited Curriculum and Personalized Learning Plans

One of the biggest challenges for home educating can be finding quality, standards-aligned curriculum. At New Code Academy, our online curriculum is fully accredited by the Minnesota Department of Education. Our expert online teachers work closely with your child to identify strengths, interests, and areas for growth. We can customize the lessons and pace to create an engaging, challenging educational experience just for your child.

All Curriculum and Supplies Shipped Right to You

Forget having to source textbooks, workbooks, and educational supplies yourself. When you enroll at New Code Academy, we provide everything your child needs to have a successful online school experience from the safety of home. Our comprehensive materials get shipped right to your doorstep. No more costly shopping trips or waiting for backorders!

Award-Winning Computer Science and Tech Skills

Want your child to have a chance at a high-demand job after high school? Technology and computer science skills are essential - no matter what career path your child chooses. That's why our innovative online school integrates cutting-edge computer science and problem-solving skills into the core curriculum from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Students develop invaluable skills like computational thinking, coding, and digital literacy through interactive, hands-on lessons. These critical skills foster creativity, problem-solving abilities, and future career readiness at an early age. Understanding computer science isn’t just for people who want to be computer programmers and computer scientists—they’re important skills for everyone.

Flexibility to Fit Your Family's Life

One of the biggest draws of online schooling is the flexibility it offers families. With New Code Academy's virtual classroom, your student has more flexibility with their own schedule. Whether you have unique schedules, take frequent family trips, have many medical appointments, or have special needs, our programs adapt to your lifestyle. Your child gets a high-quality education customized for their learning style without disrupting your lifestyle.

Engaging, Interactive, and Fun Learning

Does the idea of your child sitting in front of a computer all day fill you with dread? Have no fear. Online learning at New Code Academy is exceptionally engaging and interactive, with ample screen-free time. Our teachers utilize a multi-modal approach with collaborative activities, hands-on projects, games, physical movement, and more. The learning jumps off the screen and into real-life skill application. Even your most active learners will be captivated! Anxious students love learning with us because they’re able to learn in a safe, comfortable home learning environment while still having fun with their online classmates.

Connect with a Supportive Educational Community

Homeschooling doesn't mean going it alone. When you enroll at New Code Academy, you join a supportive community of educators and families working towards a common goal—helping students thrive. Our highly qualified teachers provide caring, individualized support through the virtual classroom with consistent communication. You and your child will never feel alone on your educational journey.

If you've been searching for the perfect K-12 home-educating, online school, or free online school option to empower your homeschool experience, look no further than New Code Academy. Reach out today to learn more about our exceptional programs!


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