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April 5, 2024

Bloomington Public School’s Commitment to Transformative Online Education

Success in Computer Science Education at New Code Academy

In a world buzzing with technology, giving your child a head start in computer science isn't just smart—it's essential. Technology skills have become necessary for success in nearly every field. From engineering to healthcare, finance to farming, every job uses technology. That’s why students need to start learning about computers starting in Kindergarten. By introducing technology concepts early on, students can build a strong foundation that will help them in school and in their future jobs. 

Having Fun with Computer Science Education

Is computer science just sitting in front of a screen all day? Is computer science boring? Does my child need to be good with computers to learn? At New Code Academy, we make sure learning about computers is anything but boring! Our students aren’t just looking at a screen all day. We do fun things like hands-on activities, collaborative projects, and exciting challenges to help students learn important skills and discover all the cool things they can do with computer science. 

At New Code Academy Elementary, an online school for Kindergarten through fifth grade, our top goal is to craft an enriching and enjoyable learning experience. Allie Kalkman, a dedicated Kindergarten teacher in our online program, emphasizes the significance of creating a vibrant learning atmosphere: “We ensure learning is as engaging and multi-modal as possible—not just lecture time, not just staring at screens. Our students use their bodies and their hands. They engage in play. They are hands-on with activities.”

Computer Science is More Than Just Using Computers

At New Code Academy, we teach more than just how to use a computer. We help kids learn how to think in a special way called "computational thinking." This helps them think critically about problems, find creative solutions, and test and refine their thinking. 

Have you ever had to learn a new computer program or figure out a new cell phone? While some people find these skills easy to pick up, for others, they can be quite challenging. That’s why we infuse computer science into every subject we teach, starting in online Kindergarten. 

Students will learn tech skills that extend beyond the basics, empowering them to confidently tackle new challenges. Whether they’re learning a new technology, solving technical issues, or thinking critically about technology's implications for our world, we want our students to feel ready for anything in the digital world. 

“Everybody should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.” - Steve Jobs, former CEO and creator of Apple

Filling the Gap in Computer Science Education

In Minnesota, not all students have the chance to learn about computers like they do in other states. That's why Bloomington Public Schools is working hard to make sure every student gets a chance to experience computer science education. We want to give all kids the chance to learn skills that will help them in the future, no matter what they want to do when they grow up.

Knowing about technology opens up a lot of different career paths. By teaching kids about computers now, we’re helping them get ready for the future and giving them more choices for their careers. 

Online Learning That’s Just Right for Your Child

Our online K-12 school allows for unprecedented flexibility in learning. We create personalized learning plans for each student, help them advance in the curriculum, or provide extra help when they need it. 

Students and families don’t need to be experts in technology to join us—that’s our job! Our teachers are experienced and friendly, our curriculum is fully certified by the Minnesota Department of Education, and New Code Academy is backed by Bloomington Public Schools. We’re ready to help kids of all ages with their education, including competitive computer science learning. If you want to give your child a head start, come join us and see all the amazing things they can do with the right tools!

Did we mention the tools? We ship everything you need right to your door. Our partnership with CreateMPLS offers even more fun options, bringing art, robotics, and coding to life for students throughout Minnesota. Computer science learning can help students explore and grow no matter their interests or passions.

Come Join Us

Join us at New Code Academy, where our priority is high-quality learning from the safety and convenience of home. Whether your child is starting with online Kindergarten or is in the upper grades, our online program provides exceptional learning opportunities for all Minnesota students. With engaging activities, interactive learning, and flexibility that can’t be beaten, families turn to us for a quality education in a secure online environment. 

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