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June 18, 2021

High School Electives: AP Computer Science Classes Online

Accelerate your learning and prepare for your future with online computer science classes at New Code Academy. Any Minnesota high school student in grades 9-12 can take advantage of our Advanced Placement® (AP) electives. 

Our AP Computer Science classes provide a solid foundation for high-demand careers and long-term success in computers and technology. The creative problem-solving and logic-based development fuels growth in a wide range of industries, from business and engineering to technical trades and entrepreneurship. 

Two options are available: AP Principles of Computer Science and AP Computer Science A (AP CSA). There are no prerequisites for either course, and both require a full year of study based on a three-trimester academic calendar. Students who successfully complete the AP courses may take the AP exams in May through the College Board.

AP Principles of Computer Science explores core areas of computer science, from the growth of the internet and its impact on society to website design and cyber security. The goal for this 10-unit course is to create leaders in computer science and engage students who traditionally may have been underrepresented in the field. 

AP Computer Science A introduces programming and hands-on learning in a Java-based, object-oriented environment. Coursework is developed in consultation with the Learning + Technologies (L+T) Collaborative at the University of Minnesota. The equivalent to a first-semester, college-level course in computer science, AP Computer Science A students study large data sets and algorithms for processing data and determine potential solutions and even ethical implications of computing systems.

Annie Schroeder, a New Code Academy digital learning specialist, describes an important outcome: “A lot of people, myself included early on, would have said that computer science teaches ‘transferable thinking skills,’ and that’s true. But I’m seeing that the newest, strongest reason for taking computer science is joy. Many students say it’s their favorite subject. There’s an excitement and joy that comes from creating and collaborating, and they take pride in their work.” 

High school students may enroll in New Code Academy on a full-time or supplemental basis. See the 2021-2022 course catalog for more information. Enrollment is filling, so register soon.

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  • CT2030C 1 AP Computer Science Princ C       01 Wednesday
  • CT2030C 2 AP Computer Science Princ C       02 Thursday
  • CT2030C 3 AP Computer Science Princ C       03 Wednesday

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